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If you are a professional with experience in the IT services industry, you bring experience & proficiency in certain areas which will allow you to rapidly become productive in specific roles & companies.

Most often, hiring managers are looking to hire for that rapid productivity, and hence your likelihood of being recruited is highest for those roles.

Click on the link below which comes closest to describing your recent or longest experience. This will open a form which will take you less than a minute to fill in.

At the end of the Q&A you will see a recommendation of which roles in IT services will your skills/experience will be valued most & in turn you will be productive quickly.

There is a high probability that the recommendation will point you to a similar role(s) as you have done in the recent years. Our experience is that hiring has tended to favor candidates who have "been there and done that" recently so that they hit the ground running. The ability to be productive quickly works in your favor too. Being able to demonstrate early success builds equity with your new employer and a foundation for a longer innings.

Since Valenco’s sphere of work is with IT services companies, and the recommendations you will see are for roles in this industry.




IT services sales professionals click here to get started



IT services delivery / SME professionals - click here to get started

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