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A well written resume can give you an edge

This document is your pitch on which role(s) you are most likely to be productive in. That should be the theme of the resume.


You might want to consider writing a resume with 3 sections


Introduce yourself in 1 - 2 lines focused on what role(s) you will be proficient in and have done well in your career


Follow this with  3 - 5 bullets with accomplishments which support the opening statement

Keep the summary focused on key accomplishments which bring out what you will be quickly productive in. Avoid cluttering it up with multiple skills and disjointed experiences. These can convey an impression of lack of specialization and purpose.

Use adjectives like "enthusiastic, team player, passionate, people leader, goal focused" only if you can back them with specific examples of related accomplishments.

Professional experience

Outline past roles and experiences chronologically. Since you have already presented a summary of your accomplishments, use this section to outline where you have worked, how long, and what you accomplished there. The most recent roles & experiences are most relevant; hence detail them, while going lighter on the details as you go back into your work chronology.

Again, think about the role(s) which you are applying for and first outline accomplishments which are relevant to that role. If you can bring out a recurring theme of experiences/accomplishments across multiple jobs, do it. It demonstrates that you have tenured experience in a type of work and will hence be productive at it.

For example, if you are applying for a sales role, bring out relevant client pursuits / order wins / business growth in each role. Similarly if you are applying for a project delivery role in say IoT, highlight IoT specific or contiguous experiences/accomplishments in past roles.

Education & professional associations

A brief mention of which ones and the years

Non professional actiivities have limited relevance in a resume' unless you can show how they have helped or will help in your professional accomplishments


Sample resume templates

For professionals who are client partners / account growth focused

Resume template - Client partners / account sales

For professionals who are sales hunters fccused on winning new business/ clients

Resume template - Sales hunter

For professionals who are in practice pre-sales roles (technology or domain)

Resume template - practice pre sales

For professionals who are subject matter experts/solution architects (technology or domain)

Resume template - domain or technical SME

For professionals from the delivery & program streams

Resume template - Program or delivery leader

If you have had more than one type of role in your career e.g. delivery + client partner or client partner + hunter, you can use the relevant flow from the above documents for individual roles and combine it into your final document

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