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Contributing beyond the G&O's of your role

Meeting or exceeding assigned deliverables are the first measure of success in employment.

Doing well on these goals is the foundation to build on, grow, and get involved in more.

Hence agenda item #1 is to understand the deliverables of the role and ensure that they get delivered well. (You may also want to read - What are the goals for your role?)

Having done this, explore opportunities to engage in other initiatives within the organization. It will give exposure to more parts of the organization, build of a wider network, opportunity to demonstrate your skills & build new ones, sow seeds for new roles in the future, and most importantly convey a willingness to do more and be more deeply engaged.

Some of the activities to consider participating in are

1. Capability creation - skill building, training & mentoring

2. Helping bring in new talent

3. Culture building and bonding

4. Gathering market intelligence

5. Brand promotion

6. Celebrations & recognition

Capability creation – skill building, training & mentoring

Over time we build expertise in our area or work, the function we work in, organization processes, systems and dynamics. Also the experience of where invested efforts tend to be most productive.

New members joining the team and even some of the incumbents could benefit from these learnings, experiences and expertise to become proficient at their work.

It’s an opportunity to share, mentor, and make the team more productive.

Helping bring in new talent into the team – external / internal

Growth of the business, attrition, or the need to add expertise and skills can all trigger a need to induct new talent into a team.

This talent may be available in of our professional networks, groups, and associations where peers and those with similar skills also associate. We may also find it among alumni from educational institutions and colleagues from prior jobs.

Spread the word around that your group is looking to add.

Finding a good fit team member is not only a win for your team, but may also be for the one who you bring in.

Culture building and bonding

A cohesive team can be greater than the sum of its parts.

One where each member is motivated to contribute to team goals is even more so.

Lead by example. Commit to what you can deliver and deliver what you commit – or at least having made all reasonable effort to get there.

It spreads; and contributes to building an ethic of commitment, trustworthiness and stretching for the team.

This shared ethic creates the foundation around which cohesive teams and institutional bonds are built.

Anecdotes of shared culture building & team cohesiveness abound, with the “no man one left behind” from the US marines as one of the most quoted.

Market intelligence

It’s a competitive world and the best thrive.

Knowing where you stand is the starting point of performance improvement.

Moreover, benchmarks change as the competitive field gets better.

These underline the need for ongoing intelligence on market and competitive trends and benchmarks.

The professional groups which we are members of, the trade literature we read, and the events we attend are all rich sources of information on emerging themes, best practices, and competitive intelligence.

Gather it; learn from it and share it, regularly and methodically. It will help both your team and yourself get better.

Brand promotion

Your group, team, and organization do many things well.

These accomplishments and milestones can be shared to enhance image and brand value.

Some can be shared within the group or organization for reasons of confidentiality or context; others can be of interest to a wider group outside as well.

Use these internal groups; and external forums like professional social media to share appropriate group and company achievements and help make them more visible.


Groups achieve milestones, as do individuals in the group.

Add to these company milestones and shared festivals.

All of these are occasions to celebrate, to recognize contributions, and bring some good cheer around.

Lead. Be part of an organizing team or a participant. Involve others from the team.

Even small gestures can make an impact.

In closing

Having first ensured proficiency in the assigned goals and objectives of your job, consider participation in other initiatives beyond the job specs.

This can provide avenues to build new skills, nurture your other professional interests, build a wider network within the organization, and demonstrate intent & initiative to contribute and do more.

Some of the activities to engage include team building, mentoring, celebrating team achievements, gathering market intelligence, and promoting the team & organization.

Every initiative and gesture counts, however small it may be. To cite the famous byline “Just do it”

Keep swinging!

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